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Shame-free wholistic health & nutrition program routines tailored to you

1-on-1 Coaching & gROUP cOACHING

Whole Heart coaching when you need it or continual support.

We genuinely believe

You can be self-sufficient in creating a life

filled with health, joy, and love.

Why Half Belly Health?

No Measuring

Forget about measuring and tracking your food for the rest of your life. Our approach skips the tedious counting and focuses on sustainable habits instead.


Recognizing that each body is unique, we tailor your health journey to your specific needs and preferences.

Coaches with personal experience

Our coaches not only possess expertise in holistic health and nutrition but have also undergone their own transformative journeys through medical weight loss interventions.

Emphasis on honor & joy

Recognizing that each body is unique, we tailor your health journey to your specific needs and preferences.

Half Belly Health is a comprehensive nutrition coaching community dedicated to supporting individuals in the medical weight loss community by addressing the gaps between intervention and sustainable lifestyle changes. While we understand that you may have come across numerous catchy phrases and empty promises, we’re here to share our story.

Hi! I’m Whitney! As you can tell, I’m passionate about my mission. From a young age, I was taught that size, weight, and health were inseparable. At just nine years old, I caught myself criticizing my own stomach while attending a birthday party at a country club swimming pool. No one made any comments or ridiculed me, but that moment sparked a cycle of self-loathing and shame.

Early on, I began considering medical interventions for weight management. Although I never opted for surgery, I explored prescription weight loss pills. However, I soon realized that my struggle with food went beyond mere sustenance—it was an attempt to fill an emotional void. Regrettably, the idea of seeking help from a food therapist or counselor never crossed my mind. I didn’t think about insurance coverage or the privilege I had in accessing such services.

When I underwent the vertical sleeve gastrectomy, I was fortunate enough to have a dedicated team of therapists, nutrition coaches, personal trainers, and a physical therapist. They diligently worked on addressing the shame and trauma that hindered my progress. Three months into my journey, it dawned on me that the support system I had was not the norm. I knew something had to change. The bariatric community needed a pathway from surgery to the lifelong pursuit of well-being.

However, it didn’t stop there. I recognized that individuals who hadn’t undergone bariatric surgery also longed for compassionate, shame-free health coaching. And so, I rolled up my sleeves and founded Half Belly Health. You can follow Half Belly Health on social media on IG, Facebook, and TikTok.

We prioritize a holistic approach that considers your entire health.

1. We focus on identifying what brings you joy. We learn your food preferences, find ideal activities, and nurture relationships to support you and your goals.

2. Our app serves is centralized platform for convenient storage, access to your info, and a strong connection to your coach so you can easily reach out.

3. We prioritize the mastery of one goal or habit at a time. Get set up for long-term success!

4. Our coaching is designed to be free of shame and guilt. We empower through education and intentionality, rather than correction.

5. Foods aren’t good or bad. We incorporate both enjoyable and nourishing foods that contribute to your overall well-being.

At Half Belly Health, we challenge the societal notion that weight loss equals overall health. Our programs empower you with the knowledge and skill to achieve lasting success without perpetual diets or continuous investments in nutrition coaches.

Become self-sufficient in creating a life filled with health, joy, and love.